Fenna de King

Noosa web design case studies

It's no secret that a great website starts with great photography and photographers.

Noosa media have been building websites for 20 years and as these years rolled by the importance of photos became more and more apparent.

We have had the pleasure of building websites for many photographers but none more inspiring than www.fennadeking.com

So yes there is some bias here but Fenna has no doubt evolved into one of the best known Noosa photographers.

Her work began covering some of the amazing surf talent we have in Noosa. Fenna, a surfer herself, fell in love with the style and talent we have on the Noosa points and made a decision to document these amazing moments in her own style of photography.

Finding inspiration in other local photographers also, she quickly found herself wanting to learn more and refined her craft to a point where various publications began to seek her work for print.

Surfing magazines such as Pacific Longboard Magazine began publishing photos some years ago and Fennas photographic work is a regular feature culminating in a 12 page spread in 2021 called "the Fenna files"

Now to the website.

Fennas website is updated every year or 2 as all good sites should.

Her website displays the fun and variety of the talent she gets to shoot. The people love it and the vibe is clear to see as soon as you log on.  This same vibe has also led to much commercial work featuring clients such as:

Noosa Longboards
Tall poppy swimwear
Wendy Christina skincare 
Ocean and Earth
Creative Army
and the list goes on...

These brands have used the images on their own websites and social media, testament to the power and requirement of quality photography when it comes to the internet and web design.

If your business has a new website, an old website, or no website at all, there is always room for great photography.

Noosa Media with the help of Fenna de King would love to help your web design go to the next level.

For a solution for your web design or SEO needs contact us at Noosa Media today. We can fix it!