Phil Jarratt

Noosa web design case studies

Every now and then we get a website to build that just keeps us looking for more and more content.

The case was particularly true with local Noosa author Phil Jarratt.

I have known Phil surf / socially for some time having been a fan of the Noosa festival of surfing for many years. 

For those who don't know Phil spearheaded the world's largest surfing festival in Noosa for many years bringing his infectious personality and mountains of surf connections to make the Noosa festival of surfing the icon it is today.

But his resume doesn't begin or end with the Noosa festival. As it turns out Phil is an author for some 40 books! He is also a journalist, a filmmaker and publisher. Having written books with the likes of Kelly Slater, Evonne Goolagong and more.

So how did we come about to build a website for this talented chap? 

Phil was recently spruiking his latest book " Place of Shadows " The history of Noosa, when I just asked about his website. 

It went a little like:

Noosa media ( me):  "Phil, do you have a website where we can buy the book?" 

Phil: No I need to, but it's a pain in backside doing it yourself

Noosa media (me) : We need to do this, are you up for it?

Phil: Let's do it!

As with many businesses or creative individuals Phil had attempted to start some online presence but never got it off the ground. 

As I say, I immediately said, we have to have a website, Phil agreed and we began working on this new web design for Noosa and the world

While building this website it quickly dawned on me the extensive library of surfing history we were about to build. The number of books, the career highlights, the people he has worked with and media published.

Current books you can buy on the website are:

  • Place of Shadows, the history of Noosa
  • Life of Brine, a surfers journey
  • Bali, heaven and hell
  • That summer at Boomerang

If you then navigate to "blasts from the past" there are other past books with fascinating details on these past publications and related media.

This however is just stage 1 for this new site, we have more media and content to come.

So if you are looking for a new read on Noosa or to immerse yourself in some world surf history get onto this new website. Hope you like 

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